The Big Picture Regarding The Illuminati’s New World Order Depopulation Agenda (5-2-2014)

Prefacing Notes: This blog still needs a few underlying links and tags added, but it is completed otherwise. Like A Complex War In America Is Coming To A Head; The Future Of The World Is At Stake this is some of the Most Important Material I ever wrote, if not the Clearly the Most Important to date. As a result of writing this view of the Big Picture in America “the Complex War In America Blog” is due for an Upgrade soon. Also, I should mention that much of the material in this “Big Picture Blog” may become incorporated at a later date into a key blog I am currently writing on the Yellowstone Caldera becoming a real concern for all Americans–> a blog that when completed every single person in American that can read Should Read–> as soon as is practical or possible to do so. The reverse will be true as well; this Big Picture blog will include more information on the Yellowstone Caldera, and the dynamic and ever changing situation there. All three of the blogs mentioned here will eventually meld into one blog at some point in the foreseeable future, but will remain as stand alone entities as well. The future of America and the World may very well depend on the knowledge, assumptions, educated guesses and concepts contained in the three blogs named here, assuming the knowledge, assumptions, guesses and concepts in these three blogs are “adequately correct”, and the parties of Google, Silicon Valley as a whole, the Patriot Movement (the Aware American Public), the American Mafia and “perhaps Bruce Springsteen” (explained below) make the right decisions in time (before any problematic event whatsoever shuts the existing Free and Open Internet in America down).

Dear Fellow Americans:

I’d like to propose a little strategic thinking based on a number of assumptions (admittedly without having any proof that could stand up in a court of law), logic, deduction, common sense, and experience – to include surviving roughly 3 dozen individual attempts on my life by the American Mafia between 1/2010 and 5/2013, some conversations on an Amtrak train in 2013 between Denver and Chicago with a man named Steve who “claimed to be a member of the Illuminati” and “claimed that he had been paid a sum over $5,000” to sit next to me and talk to me to check me out (as well as threatened me with death should I attempt to meet with the Mafia and “that they had not Switched Sides” as I had supposed they might), and my being repeatedly and chronically hacked on dozens of Internet devices (computers and smart phones) by multiple parties since June 2006, one of which I am fairly certain is the U.S. Government.

Let us assume that the Illuminati is behind the Agenda 21 plan to kill off well over 90% of the human beings on this planet, and control and enslave the rest.

Enslavement means a lack of Freedom, amongst other things.

What country do you think would represent the Illuminati’s biggest roadblock to carrying out their depopulation and enslavment Agenda?

My best guess would be the United States, due to their long history of numerous personal freedoms without pervasive government monitoring (with the exception of the last decade or so since the signing of the Patriot Act after 9/11 of course).

The United States was based on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Both of those documents are counter to what the Illuminati wants to accomplish with their New World Order and depopulation Agenda.

The fact that so many guns are in the hands of the general population in America is a substantial roadblock to the Illuminati taking over America (and later the World).

So are the facts that (1) Freedom of Speech that is guaranteed American citizens by the Bill of Rights in America, (2) a Free and Open Internet that currently exists in America and (3) We Americans are used to and like what our American Freedoms represent (or used to represent before Bush and Obama anyway)–> Three more substantial roadblocks to the Illuminati achieving their ultimate goals.

The Illuminati, or a combination of the Illuminati and the Mafia working together (as is highly likely at present), HAVE GAINED “Effective and Functionally Complete Control” the Federal Government of the United States, a fact that has been true for perhaps two decades, if not even more. There is No Doubt Whatsoever about this in my mind. (However, in doing so they still do not yet fully control the American people. An recent example is brought up in material below.)

The Mafia and the Illuminati may very well have had effective control of the Federal Government since JFK was assassinated in 1963. (This is an event in which both parties are very likely to have collaborated on.)

In my opinion, the Illuminati probably had effective control of our Federal Government first (I think that they were represented in whole or in part by the military industrial complex Eisenhower talked about). Later the Illuminati brought the Mafia in first as paid enforcers, then eventually made the Mafia “their well paid partners” to control the Federal Government, when the need arose to do so to achieve all of their Agenda 21/NWO/depopulation/and “Destroy American Health (by Big Pharma’s and perhaps Monsanto’s many lies) and Take Away American Freedom goals”.

I happen to believe (a strong suspicion) that there is a substantial Nazi component to the Illuminati. Many Nazi leaders and scientists emigrated to America after WWII, and took, or were intentionally placed, in high positions in government, banking, the drug industry, chemical companies, the nuclear industry and in various other industries in America in which their professional background was suited to.

Too much of what has happened to America in the past few decades has a Nazi flavor to it and “copies Nazi methodology”. Two “off the cuff” examples of this are all of the drug company brainwashing done via the TV, and all the FEMA extermination camps that were secretly built.

I also happen to believe (an educated guess) that the Illuminati’s plans to take control of, and then destroy America, happened probably in America or Germany in a secret Illuminati meeting either shortly before or soon after WWII ended.

Historically, the Germans and Italians are friends, just as they were allied in WWII. One way or another, the Illuminati and the Mafia (the mostly Germans and the Italians) became “in bed with each other” to control the U.S. Federal Government by the time 9/11 rolled around, if not a decade or so before. The Illuminati, through the many Corporations and Industries that they owned (Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Nuclear Power, numerous defense contractors, etc.), was “the paymaster”, and the Mafia was “the enforcer”. (I am fairly certain of what is stated in the above.)

The populace of Russia and China are both used to Federal Government Control without any input from the people. Therefore, in these countries, if one controls the Government, one controls the People that reside in these countries too.

In America, things are different, or at least they used to be. (We the People in America had some Rights, Freedoms and Federal Government input once upon a time, none of which are true by either law or subterfuge today.)

On the plus side for We the People, the recent standoff at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada an example of the fact that control of the Federal Government does not necessarily mean control of the American people.

The Federal Government thought it could just move in and take Clive Bundy’s land by Federal Decree, but the Oathkeepers, various anti government and Militia oriented persons and the Alternative News showed up in support of Clive Bundy and his family, and forced numerous Federal employees armed with guns, drones, and helicopters, etc. to back down (at least temporarily).

This occurred because many persons in America have had enough of any attempt at heavy handed Federal Intervention based on bending the laws of the land to get whatever they want, regardless of common sense, civil rights and Constitutional Law.

To achieve their NWO and depopulation agenda, the country that the Illuminati (or perhaps the Illuminati and the Mafia working together if the Mafia is foolish enough to remain allied with them) is going to target first in the world is America.

No other country would make sense to target first by the Illuminati but America.

If the Illuminati took over in any small country such as England, Australia, Canada or New Zealand before they took over America, via the Power of the Internet they would tip their hand, and tens of millions of Americans would Wake Up and Fight Back By Whatever Means Necessary (this is why the Federal Government sorely wants to strip the American public of its guns).

For the Illuminati to try to take over the two other nuclear superpowers of China or Russia before tackling America would not make any sense. (Both they know and I know that “America needs to fall first”.)

The result of what is stated above represents a solid argument to explain all of “the Loss of Freedom laws” and “the Loss of Freedom Presidential Executive Orders” drafted and signed into law by Bush and Obama that have occurred since the false flag attack of 9/11. (Both Bush and Obama are extremely likely to be Secret Members of the Illuminati–> I am nearly certain of they both are.)

The material above identifies by logic, deduction and common sense the true party or parties underlying 9/11, which was a major step in an Illuminati Master Plan to destroy America.

The Illuminati, or whomever is behind the NWO and depopulation agenda, is most certainly “GUILTY PARTY #1”, AS FAR AS 9/11 WAS CONCERNED.

I am not as sure about the Mafia in regard to whether they are an equally guilty party to 9/11, despite my knowing, and one of their members named Tony Gambino admitting, that the Mafia was involved in 9/11.

In essence Tony Gambino said in regard to 9/11 “Others in the Federal Government are far more guilty than us.” [<– link coming on this]

I believe Tony Gambino.

It is my believe that “these others in the Federal Government” that Tony Gambino referred to are controlled by, or are members of, the Illuminati.

IMHO, the Mafia both profited and participated in 9/11, but they were never told the entire story in regard to the Illuminati’s Grand Plan, of which 9/11 was only a major first step.

In essence, the possibility strongly exists in my mind that Mafia was duped by multiple lies of omission into helping the Illuminati achieve the execution and the coverup of the 9/11 conspiracy.

As a Result of the Above, I continue to believe that America’s future is best served–>

By the American Mafia “Switching Sides” and Making–>
A Mutually Beneficial deal with Silicon Valley and the Patriot Movement to–>

Oppose the Illuminati’s Agenda to destroy America and–>

For the Mafia, Silicon Valley and the Patriot Movement To Work Together–>

To Topple our current Federal Government with–>

a Justifiable Revolution in America.

Relating all of this to what is happening in Yellowstone National Park at present and if Yellowstone blows, it is my belief, one that is again based on logic, deduction and common sense, that the Illuminati is “GUILTY PARTY #1” AGAIN.

In the case of making a Yellowstone supervolcano blow to bring America to its knees, the Illuminati has no need for the American Mafia to help them at all.

In my firmly held opinion, the Illuminati is not likely to have whispered one word of their probable plan to make Yellowstone blow to the American Mafia, for “they want to kill them off too”.

The Illuminati is Justifiably Afraid of the American Mafia, just as anyone with any knowledge and common sense is. (I am a rare exception, but it admittedly took me some time to get here.) The Illuminati does not like to be in fear of any party or anyone, and they cannot abide with this situation forever. Therefore, the American Mafia must go, sooner or later—> according to the secret plans of the leaders of the Illuminati. (All of this is logic, deduction and common sense, along with a little bit of experience talking to an admitted member of the Illuminati that sat next to me from Denver to Chicago on one of my coast to coast train rides thrown in.)

The Illuminati almost certainly told the American Mafia absolutely nothing of their plans to make Yellowstone blow and thus take down and destroy America in the weeks or the months to come, just as they did not tell the American Mafia about their Failed EMP False Flag Attempt to bring down America last fall.

By the Illuminati Using either a HAARP device, a nuclear device, or a conventional explosive device or devices to precipitate “Yellowstone going off” would be a “very simple to implement plan”.

Making Yellowstone blow is nothing like the many complexities involved in carrying out the 9/11 conspiracy, a plan in which they needed the American Mafia’s help in which to carry out and later cover up.

The American Mafia does not want to destroy America (I am nearly certain of this), for this is their country too.

In addition to this, in Yellowstone there is no gold bullion in the cellar or paper assets in vaults in which to profit from, as was the case in the 9/11 conspiracy. (There is no substantial fiscal profit to be made in making Yellowstone blow.)

I understand the American Mafia in a general sense. (In my life I was both taught by my father and “my second father” and learned a good deal from various other sources about the Mafia.)

The Mafia is primarily motivated by money, and secondarily motivated by “keeping things secret so the money continues to flow into their coffers in an amount acceptable to them without them going to jail”.

The Illuminati is motivated by money as well, but their Primary Goal is to Achieve Permanent and Complete 1984-like Dominance over the Entire Human Race.

The true leaders of the Illuminati are some of the wealthiest, if not the wealthiest, people on earth. They primarily seek power and control, for they already have or control most of the world’s money.

If Yellowstone blows, we are all in deep shit in America, except for those making this happen (the Illuminati).

The Rothschild’s, and the other people that wield the real power in the Illuminati, are multinationals that could not care less about America.

Indeed, the Illuminati wants to destroy America and take control of their nuclear arsenal, and kill off billions, in order to eventually gain control of the entire world. This is the essence of what the Illuminati wants. They want the world for themselves and their offspring, and they are willing to kill billions and make a mess of this entire planet for years in order to achieve this goal.

The Illuminati does not want a WWIII Nuclear Armageddon scenario that will ruin this planet forever, but they are most certainly willing to (1) use a number of nuclear weapons and (2) live in caves with plenty of food and fresh water while things clear up adequately in order to achieve their ultimate goals.

Making Yellowstone blow is a perfect plan for the Illuminati, for it will destroy its biggest stumbling block (America), kill off billions worldwide via starvation, poisoned croplands in America, Canada and perhaps other countries too, and unfavorable climate change the world over.

The YouTube Video below explains a lot in regard to what Yellowstone erupting into a super volcano could do for the Illuminati in regard to destroying America and reducing population worldwide–>

The beauty of making Yellowstone blow for the Illuminati is that Nature will be blamed “until it is too late to stop them from achieving their end goals, especially in North America”.

Although nature may actually be the most like cause to blame here, it is entirely possibly to me that the Illuminati used a HAARP device or other means to cause the earthquake that caused Fukushima.

In doing so (assuming they did, and I admit I may be wrong in this assumption), the Illuminati poisoned the oceans, especially the Pacific, but eventually all of them, removing a major food supply from humanity. And they poisoned and therefore weakened their biggest enemy as well – the Freedom loving people in America. (The Illuminati hates Freedom and America too. It is the Full Control and Enslavement of Humanity that they want.)

Yellowstone erupting in a major way will poison a great deal of land the world over, as well as oceans too, but will do so in a fashion that does not involve radiation with a long half life. (Such is an ideal scenario for the Illuminati.)

The resultant starvation worldwide of a Yellowstone supervolcano erupting may kill 98% of humanity or more (I learned this from scientists on YouTube videos).

However, the Illuminati does not care, for they and their families and friends will all be left (because they have prepared to live underground in well stocked caves for years), with plenty of slaves to do what needs to be done work-wise, and enough people to guard their slaves and insure their obedience.

One way or another, the Illuminati fully intends to take down, if not destroy with malice and forethought, America and–>
Kill every, or almost every, mentally and physically defective person, every person too old and/or sick to work and perform some needed duty for them, every useless eater, and most of the Aware and Awake persons that they have already identified.

The NSA already knows (for the Illuminati’s use at will under Martial Law) if you are any of the above people, for they have lists of tens of millions of persons. Every person in America is on one list or another already. You had better hope you are on “the right list”, for being on “the wrong list” means almost certain death, with perhaps some sort of torture or pain preceding it.

If you are of no use to the Illuminati, or of potential use to them at a later date (such as a promising or gifted child), I sure would not get on a FEMA camp train, bus or van on the way to any FEMA camp when Martial Law is inevitably (and perhaps quite soon) declared.

Don’t count on being Successfully Reeducated so that “you can fit in”, and thus avoid torture, starvation and/or some other form of death. The Illuminati does not plan to bother much with this, even if you have a skill that you may think is critical or useful to them.

Maybe if you are a skilled brain surgeon that is irreplaceable you might qualify for FEMA camp school, but forget it otherwise as far as being successfully being reeducated goes. They won’t bother even trying to rehabilitate you unless you have an exceptional skill that they sorely need, and you are not that old, such that you can be their skilled lowly paid slave for a long time. This is how these people think, just like Hitler did.

Simply the fact you read this blog, or read any significant amount of accurate and truthful alternative news on the Internet, may get you a death sentence in a FEMA camp somewhere. Do you listen to Alex Jones, David Icke, Jeff Rense, Mike Adams, Dave Hodges, Jesse Ventura etc. often? Well then, you can kiss you ass Bye Bye when the DHS comes to your door and asks for you.

When Marshal Law is declared in America, the Illuminati’s paid puppets, mostly Federal employees who have been lied to, bribed and/or duped, will be using Nazi SS tactics, but perhaps be much more polite until “you get off the FEMA train, FEMA van or FEMA bus” as it pulls up to a FEMA camp gate somewhere. Then the horror will begin.

Soon after Martial Law is declared, America is headed for a scenario that is just like the concentration camps in Germany in 1940 – 1944, only they might use a lot of the 30,000 guillotines that the U.S. Army has secretly stored for them rather than poison gas this time.

Think I am kidding? If the answer is Yes, Think again. I am not kidding a bit. This is “Who these people are” (the Illuminati), and the horrific brutality that they represent. History is repeating itself, only it is not WWII Germany, it is 21st century America this time.

Have you ever read George Orwell’s book 1984? Add thirty years to it (2014) and a few modern conveniences if you can afford them on peanuts wages, that’s all.

Despite the necessary negative tone in much of the copy above, I Continue To Hope and Believe in Infinite Human Possibilities.

I Will Never Forget The Message Of Hope For Humanity in the classic Bruce Springsteen Song below–>

Nor will I Ever Forget Where The Above Song Should Be Played–>

I Am Just Waiting For Google, WordPress, the rest of Silicon Valley, Bruce Springsteen, the American Mafia and a Sunny Day!

And I Am Waiting Until I Find A Smart Funny Woman WordPress Blogger That Loves Me Back Someday!


If there were only 50 million to a maximum of 500 million people left on earth, and the Illuminati had achieved the general plans outlined in the above, they will have finally achieved their Nazi-like Final Solution for Themselves (they survive) and Humanity (the great majority of us don’t).

Even if the Illuminati dumps their probable current plan to make Yellowstone erupt, perhaps because of this WordPress blog exposing them and their secret agenda, or for some other reason that I cannot guess, they still intend to destroy America, and kill tens of millions, if not a hundred million or two, of Americans by the use of Marital Law and FEMA camp extermination.

Perhaps they will go with “the engineered economic collapse plan”, a plan that of theirs that has been underway all during the tenure of Bush and Obama (if not well before this, because Bill Clinton and George Bush senior may be members of the Illuminati as well, especially George Bush senior who talked about and promoted the New World Order).

Incidentally, the EMP false flag attack plan by the Illuminati that was dumped last fall due to three heroic and very high ranking military personnel refusing Orders from Obama (as per Jim Garrow) would have potentially killed 300 million Americans, as well as potentially resulted in numerous nuclear power plant meltdowns. None of this was of any concern to the Illuminati, for they need to take America down as a preclude to controlling the entire world.

If the Mafia foolishly sticks with their Illuminati friends, not only had they better watch their back if the time comes they become disposable, but America will be 100% doomed, and the rest of the World may be 98% doomed (or even 100% doomed if too much radiation is released worldwide in a WWIII event the Illuminati cannot stop from occurring before things fully play out as they intend them to).

The KEY TO CHANGE and to Save America and the Human Race MAY VERY WELL BE TO OFFER THE MAFIA ENOUGH MONEY on an ongoing basis out of the U.S. Treasury TO WORK FOR “THE GOOD GUYS”, AND ABANDON THEIR CURRENT ALLIANCE WITH THE ILLUMINATI (an alliance that is in control of the Federal Government in America, and has been since 9/11 or before).

Until I know otherwise, I am going to operate on the assumptions and conclusions reflected in this blog.

I admittedly may be all wet, but this is how I see things at the moment, and I see no flaws in my thinking such that I should change it. (I have spent many years of my life trying to figure this stuff out, and I have a life history indicative of some degree of genius.)

In my humble opinion, the American Mafia needs to talk ASAP “in strictest Confidence” to the Management of Google and Facebook (or perhaps a Silicon Valley think tank) and cut some sort of a win/win deal to Save America from the Illuminati’s evil plans.

Even if I am left out of this conversation for purposes of confidentiality, this is what needs to happen, or the Illuminati may very well make Yellowstone blow (or use some other means to destroy America soon).

If Yellowstone blows in the coming months, and the Google Company (and therefore Silicon Valley) was never approached at all by the American Mafia with the Intent to Try to Structure a Win/Win Deal that topples our corrupt Federal Government, it is perhaps quite safe to assume the following–>

The American Mafia never had any intention of “Switching Sides”, and that they are still allied with the Illuminati (and in full support of their NWO, depopulation and destroy America Agendas).

I find it hard to believe that the American Mafia would be in support of any plan that destroys America, as well as covers it with volcanic ash. (I Respect the American Mafia, and believe that they will do the Right Thing when the time comes to do so, until proven otherwise.)

If the Mafia wisely “Switches Sides”, and works in a mutually beneficial and respectful manner with the Collective Wisdom of Silicon Valley ASAP, America and the World both have a chance.

God Forbid the Illuminati achieves their NWO and depopulation goals, and (1) an EMP attack over America, (2) precipitating Yellowstone to blow, or (3) the use of nuclear weapons to blow up one or more American cities are any of the means that they use to do so. (I am almost 100% certain that the Illuminati’s primary bullseye is America. The Illuminati needs to take down America first to achieve world dominance, before they do anything else.)

God forbid the Mafia does not wisely Switch Sides and Collaborate with Silicon Valley and the Patriot Movement for the benefit of America (and eventually humanity).

And God Forbid that Silicon Valley and the Patriot Movement are not wise enough to understand the wisdom and need to cut a fair deal with the American Mafia in order to straighten out the mess we are in, one that threatens this planet’s and humanity’s survival.

This WordPress Blog was Written by Allen D with Critical Help from Mark J and with Heroic Help from Our San Francisco Hippie Gang of WordPressWarriors for the Truth

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    God Forbid the Illuminati achieves their NWO and depopulation goals, and (1) an EMP attack over America, (2) precipitating Yellowstone to blow, or (3) the use of nuclear weapons to blow up one or more American cities are any of the means that they use to do so. (I am almost 100% certain that the Illuminati’s primary bullseye is America. The Illuminati needs to take down America first to achieve world dominance, before they do anything else.)

    God forbid the Mafia does not wisely Switch Sides and Collaborate with Silicon Valley and the Patriot Movement for the benefit of America (and eventually humanity).
    And God Forbid that Silicon Valley and the Patriot Movement are not wise enough to understand the wisdom and need to cut a fair deal with the American Mafia in order to straighten out the mess we are in, one that threatens this planet’s and humanity’s survival.

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