America Lives Or Dies Due To Decisions Made In Silicon Valley Soon (3-22-2014)

Soon Means Soon.

The clock is ticking.

And Time Is Running Out.

copy coming

I am going to write the first draft of this elsewhere.

This is being written from the San Francisco Public Library.

My trip was uneventful.

I stayed at MSC South last night.

At 4:45 AM I was awakened by the sound of a poor woman wailing over and over–>

“Call the Cops. Somebody stole my backpack.”

She lost her passport and her cell phone.

Her backpack was dumped in the garbage.

So sad.

I’m glad I am here.

Albany is dead to me, and so is Utica.

I am staying out west.

Maybe not San Francisco, because Housing is Hard 2 Find and Afford.

But Silicon Valley Somewhere is my home.

I am not living here for the rest of my life.

However long or short it may be.

Oddly, I feel no fear at all here, the same as last time.

None whatsoever.

If I go down here, Silicon Valley “Will Know”.

That is enough for me.

I hope to work for Google.

I am a “special needs hire”.

Housing is what I need, and a place to smoke outside, or lots of lozenges and smokeless cigs.

If Google does not intervene with this, I will make do on my check on the 1st.

I am staying regardless.

God tells me to.

The future of America and the World is at stake.

Only Substantial (if not massive) Collective Action by Silicon Valley to Wake Up People To U.S. Government Suppression (such that it falls and is replaced) can Save America and The World.

If our current system of government remains in place, and you stay in America, you can kiss you ass goodbye. Don’t expect to escape great pain and suffering, if not often death, if the Feds remain in place.

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