Microsoft Word Has Been Declared Obsolete)> *WordPress* Has Taken Over (3-15-14)

Step Aside MS Word!

Microsoft Word Has Been Declared Obsolete)> *WordPress* Has Taken Over (3-15-14)

The WordPress Website Development Program Does Words, Pictures, Embedded YouTube Videos And ***Internet/Sharing*** Much Better Than Word Does!

WordPress Is An Unparalleled “Facilitative Word Processing Program” for–>

Developing Free Internet Educational Course Material.

WordPress Is Also An Unparalleled MANAGEMENT PROGRAM, IF YOU ARE–>

MANAGING Practically Anything, from a Lemonade Stand to the U.S. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

Have You Ever Used Microsoft Word?

MS Word Is Model T Compared To The Cadillac Of WordPress!

song here

What is WordPress?

WordPress is A Sophisticated And Versatile Full-fledged Website DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM THAT IS==>

NO Harder 2 Operate Than Word.

But instead of spending an hour writing a doc. file in Word, and “having a file of limited use” later–>

You Have Both An Editable WordPress Blog and–>

An Editable WordPress Web Page for–>

Your Own Personal Website with pictures on it, and–>

YouTube Videos embedded in it.

song here

WordPress Material is Easily Shared with others because–>

“Share Buttons For Facebook Twitter, Google+, etc. Can Be Put Right On the Page You Wrote”.

Does Microsoft Word do this?

I honestly do not know.

I know one thing.

WordPress is Free.

Is MS Word Free? The last time I checked it sure wasn’t.

I also Know This–>

AS Of These Words, Microsoft Word Has Been Declared Obsolete 4 WordPress has taken over.It has Far More Features, and–>

It Costs Infinitely Less (because it is Free! – Zero goes into a hundred dollars an Infinite Amount of Times).

FOR Writing Something–> WordPress Blogs and WordPress iDESKS ARE BOTH the Very Best!

FOR Reading Something–> WordPress Blogs and WordPress iDESKS ARE BOTH the Very Best!

FOR Watching Something–> WordPress Blogs and WordPress iDESKS ARE BOTH the Very Best!–>

Because U get some copy along with YouTube Too!

[It Takes me Ten Seconds OR LESS and a few clicks to Embed a YouTube Video Into WordPress. You Yourself CHOOSING THE Video 2 EMBED is the Part that takes all the time. R U A FAST SONG CHOOSER? THEN 5 to 10 SECONDS and a few Cut and Paste Clicks IS ALL U NEED TO PUT WHAT U FOUND On YouTube INTO WordPress.]

FOR Learning Something–> WordPress Blogs and WordPress iDESKS ARE BOTH the Very Best!

Video Learning Combined With Written Words Outperforms Either Side Of The Equation “Standing On Its Own”.

WordPress Excels at the Above.

As Such, THIS Versatile and Incredibly Useful WordPress Website DEVELOPMENT Program Obsoletes All Traditional Educational Means.

As Such, THIS Versatile and Incredibly Useful WordPress Program also Eliminates the Need For A High Debt Load To Learn “Career Useful Things” Post High School In America.

What would it Cost?

Think of a House, just a big house, or a Collection of houses within Bicycle Distance of Each Other, that had “students” in it.  Only these students did not attend classes, they got online TO LEARN FREE OR VERY LOW COST COURSES SOMEWHERE.

And Think of Some Structure and Staff, but minimal, Maybe two people, something like this.

In this way the Social Needs Aspect of College Could Be Provided, and Safety and Guidance Needs Could Be Met, but without the traditional high expense.

The Internet is Going To Revolutionize Everything, Healthcare, Education, Shopping, Learning, Music, Socializing, Entertainment, NEWS, POLITICS, Everything.

So Is Google.

And So is WordPress.

(And so am I, for as long as I last anyway.)

We Sure Do Need A Group of America’s Best and Brightest to help with such a Massive Social Transition IN SO MANY AREAS OF HUMAN ENDEAVOR, a Change That is Inevitable it seems (or It is FEMA Camp death 4 a lot of us, especially my team and I, but for so many million of Other Awake People).

Maybe Eight Presidents is Not Nearly Enough, as Complex and Numerous Are The Problems We Face After “We take over in D.C. this fall (or perhaps as late as winter”), assuming the 1st Internet Woodstock Goes As It Should.

The Nice Thing here is “I Completely Trust” the Collective Expertise (and Wisdom) of Google and Silicon Valley to Design the Slickest and Best e-gov system in the World in Short Order, if Given a Federal Mandate to do so.

In their Inherent Wisdom + Smarts, Google And Silicon Valley May Already Be Collaboratively Working on an e-government design for America when the Federal Government Falls to the Rising! Of the Truth! via the Power of a Free and Open Internet!

If not, they should be for sure, and–>

Be Doing So On A >>>Very High Priority<<< Basis!,

As long as this does not strip Essential Time and Personnel From our Critical and Already “Time Squeezed” iROCK effort.

This WordPress Blog was Written by Allen D with Critical Help from Mark J and with Heroic Help from Our San Francisco Hippie Gang of WordPressWarriors for the Truth

21 Patriot Movement EDUCATIONAL WEBSITES For A Justifiable PATRIOT Revolution IN AMERICA!

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