A WordPress Song Blog; AllenD’s Five Dreams (2-25-14)

In 2004, my son Willy and I accidentally seem to have made one of the biggest discoveries in history, as far as the achievement, retention, or recovery of one’s health goes. (This is how history should interpret what happened here. Why? Because it is the truth.)

I give Willy the bulk of the credit for this discovery. Due to his circumstances, Willy insisted that I combine every single supplement that had helped me, such that he could take them all at once. In insisting in taking his supplements like this, Willy invented what I commonly call “Willy’s Baggie” (of supplements).

I would never have done things this way (taken all of these supplements all at once). Nor has anyone else in alternative medicine yet thought of the idea to do this, or widely carried it out.

Willy and I made an original discovery here. Admittedly, over four decades ago Adelle Davis ago postulated this discovery. She suggested that one take the entire nutrient range when healing decades before Willy had even thought of it. Adelle Davis simply did not have easy and affordable access to the supplement means in which to carry her discovery out.

Willy’s discovery (of Willy’s Baggie of supplements) was born in part from knowledge that I had acquired before it occurred.




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