BOB BECK/ROBERT BECK—> A World Class Healer (2-25-14)

Bob gained nothing from his efforts to help the world, other than a great deal of flack from “the powers that be”.

In the last video of the thirteen part series I saw Bob stated the following: “You see the problem. I am telling the truth. And a man telling the truth needs a very fast horse”. He knew that Big Pharma wanted him dead for what he had learned.

I sure know how Bob felt in the above regards.

Although I have to thank Robert Beck from the bottom of my heart for filling in for me what very well may be “the last key piece” in regard to correcting mental illnesses naturally, Bob has given me quite a problem. On my hacked Android phone Big Pharma “watched me watch Bob’s speech” in its entirety two nights in a row. They watched me research Robert Beck thoroughly on the Internet, as well as find a commercial manufacturer of his devices. (This manufacturer is SOTA Instruments in B.C., Canada. I am probably going to have bypass them due to poverty and make my own.)

Big Pharma not only knows that Bob “was right on the money on everything that he spoke about”, they also know that I realize the great significance of what Bob was saying.

Bob’s knowledge fits right in with Willy’s Baggie, the other things I know about supplementation outside of Willy’s Baggie, and what I know about detoxification, malabsorption, and the gut.

Big Pharma knows that I am “double the threat” that I was to them only a short week ago. I have sealed my fate with these people… I only hope I last another year or so, such that I have the time to “adequately give to the world what I know”.

As of this day, Friday May 21, 2010 it is known that ALL MENTAL ILLNESSES CAN BE READILY CURED VIA NATURAL MEANS, every single one.

Mr. Robert Beck, my hat is off to you. I felt honored to be in the presence of your greatness these past two nights. I love you dearly for what you did.


Allen Darman

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BOB BECK/ROBERT BECK—> A World Class Healer (2-25-14) WEB PAGE>

BOB BECK/ROBERT BECK—> A World Class Healer (2-25-14)

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A Tribute to Bob Beck; A World Class Healer (5-21-2010)

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Dear Fellow Americans:

The Power of the Internet unburied the incredible story of a genius named Robert (Bob) Beck, and his finding an inexpensive at-home cure for Aids and cancer (amongst other things).

For the past two nights I have watched on Youtube an amazing! thirteen video series of a lecture given in 1996 at Ventura College, CA by a man named Robert (Bob) Beck.  The first of these videos can be found at  Or they all can be found by simply searching YouTube for “Bob Beck”.

This is amazing…

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